Long Island, New York as a whole is often referred to as a bedroom community of New York City. But, Long Island is much more than that. It is a fish-shaped island that sits in the Atlantic Ocean and is connected to Manhattan by several bridges and tunnels. It was once inhabited by American Indians and as the years passed much of it was turned into farm land and ship building communities by the European settlers. It played a part in the American Revolution and in WWII. Eventually, the farms and shipbuilding communities dwindled while suburban homes and towns grew up throughout the island. Because it is an island surrounded by water it has a vast and beautiful coastline. Although now a very cosmopolitan area to this day Long Island is still filled with natural beauty of all types. It is my beloved home. To enlarge a photo just click on it. And, here is my little corner of Long Island....

Thursday, July 14, 2011


The other day we took a drive around our local area during low tide.  It was just one of those great summer days with a deep blue sky and perfect temperature.  Here are a few things we saw...

Port Jefferson Harbor Tug Boat

Port Jefferson Village Pansies

Low Tide at Setauket Harbor

Low Tide at Setauket Harbor Closeup

Communal Bathing in Stony Brook Harbor

The Fellows above were so cute I took a video of them.  Unfortunately, you can hear them, but not see them very well...


And, of course, I'll end with flowers...

A Stony Brook Village Garden

A Close Up