Long Island, New York as a whole is often referred to as a bedroom community of New York City. But, Long Island is much more than that. It is a fish-shaped island that sits in the Atlantic Ocean and is connected to Manhattan by several bridges and tunnels. It was once inhabited by American Indians and as the years passed much of it was turned into farm land and ship building communities by the European settlers. It played a part in the American Revolution and in WWII. Eventually, the farms and shipbuilding communities dwindled while suburban homes and towns grew up throughout the island. Because it is an island surrounded by water it has a vast and beautiful coastline. Although now a very cosmopolitan area to this day Long Island is still filled with natural beauty of all types. It is my beloved home. To enlarge a photo just click on it. And, here is my little corner of Long Island....

Friday, August 17, 2012


This past week we took a drive along the very beautiful North Fork of Long Island with our destination being the town of Greenport.  We passed through the many quaint towns along the way, past endless vineyards, farms and farm stands, and even stopped to look at scenic Peconic Bay.  We took some of these photos on this recent trip and others were taken during past visits to the North Fork.  Below is a mix of photos taken by my husband and myself with a couple of my North Fork paintings thrown in...

On the north side of the North Fork is the Long Island Sound and to the south is the Peconic Bay.  So, it's many small towns are filled with old summer homes.  It was originally known during our lifetime mostly for it's plentiful farms, however.  Unfortunately, with farming being such a difficult way to earn a living many farms have been sold off in the past few decades.  At first it was feared that all the land would be turned into housing developments, and sadly a very small part of it has been.  But, blessedly before much of it was developed people began to realize that the land and climate were excellent for growing grapes.  And so, beautiful vineyards now line the roadways along with the many nurseries and farms that are still there.  So, to honor our once famous potato farms I'll begin with the land.......

A Present Day Long Island Potato Farm

The Hallockville Museum Farm, Sound Avenue, Riverhead is a wonderful place to learn more about LI's agricultural history.

You'll Always See The Current Day North Fork Farmers Working 

And Watering Their Crops

We Caught This Rainbow While A Sod Farm Was Being Watered

A Painting Of One Of The Farm Stands That Sells Delicious 
LI Produce

And Another North Fork Farm Stand

We're Still Proud Of Our Potatoes :)

A Pick-Your-Own Peach Farm In Calverton

Most Farm Stands Are Filled Not Only With Fresh Produce, But Also With Beautiful Flowers!

And Local Visitors

Charming Thimbles Nursery/Farm Stand

Now let's skip to the beautiful waters of the North Fork ....

Long Island Sound

Long Island Sound in Southold 

Now THAT'S The Way To Take A Nap On The Beach!

A Great Way To Relax

One Of The Endless String Of Creeks 

And Another Great Place For Kayaking 

Some More Local Tourists

Strong's Marina on Peconic Bay in Mattituck, One Of The Many Marinas Along The North Fork, And Where My Father Docked His Boat Many Years Ago And Enjoyed Many A Fishing Outing With My Mom And With His Cousin, George.  

Another thing you'll see lining the roadways are old homes, many of them are big old farm houses, some the homes of fishermen and sea captains and others are homes of the wealthy folks of former centuries.  Jedediah Hawkins was not a farmer, but he qualified as  a sea master of a coastal trading vessel, a government employee during the Civil War, and obviously one of the wealthy folk...

 Jedediah Hawkins Inn And Restaurant, South Jamesport, LI, NY
Built in 1863 by Jedediah himself

 Gazebo at Jedediah Hawkins Inn

Working Herb Garden Behind Jedediah Hawkins Restaurant

The North Fork's vineyards are both gorgeous and tasty and are everywhere now.  They are a business and tourist attraction unto themselves.  Many now house art shows, weddings, concerts, and all kinds of entertainment on weekends and there are countless tasting events daily.  You can rent a limo or a bus to take you and your friends hopping from one to another.  Because photos of the vineyards would easily fill a post in themselves I'll keep them brief here...

Welcome To The North Fork's Land Of Beautiful Vineyards

Many Vineyard Owners Place Flowers At The End Of Each Row Of Grapes

Summer Harvest

Autumn Harvest

And now to our final destination of the day, Greenport, LI., a whaling and shipbuilding town established in 1682.  During the Prohibition Era it was known for rumrunning and speakeasies because it's inhabitants knew the waters so well they could easily outrun the police.  Much more of the rich history of this town can be found in the Greenport Museum.  Today the town is probably most known as a tourist area.  Ice cream shops, quaint stores, restaurants and adorable old homes line the streets.  There's an old movie theater, park and newly renovated carousel for the children as well as a local beach.  Whether you visit for a day or rent for a month or more you're guaranteed to enjoy yourself in a laid back sort of way.  

Greenport Looking Back From The Pier

East Main Street, Greenport, LI, NY

Walking Down Main Street

The Famous Claudios Restaurant, One Of Many Restaurants In The Area

Sweet Indulgences, One Of Many Stores Along Main Street
Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!

Just A Quaint Little Scene In The Very Quaint Little Town Of Greenport, LI

Greenport Harbor

And, if you drive just a wee bit further on the North Road out of Greenport you can visit the beautiful Lavender Farm.  It's well worth the short drive to experience it.

So, whether you visit the North Fork of Long Island as a day trip:

Or you decide to stay the whole summer and rent a cabin on the beach:

 or anything in between you're guaranteed to experience beautiful things:

And so we come to the end of another gorgeous summer day on Long Island.....

Goodnight Everyone

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


We headed into Northport for dinner on a beautiful August evening earlier this week.  While there we enjoyed the sunset along Northport Harbor in Cow Meadow Park.  Northport is a fun town to visit, with little shops of all kinds and it has many great restaurants.  I had a delicious lobster roll, homemade potato salad and corn on the cob dinner with a big glass of cold iced tea at the "Feed and Grain Restaurant" along main street.  Yum!

Cow Meadow park along the harbor was filled with people strolling, playing frisbee, walking dogs of all sizes, skateboarding, and biking.  Families were walking their babies and letting the little ones play in the playground while older folks sat on the many benches facing the harbor.  Eating ice cream was definitely a favorite park pastime, too.  LOL  All the while a bandstand concert was going on, as well.  Throughout the summer they hold all sorts of special events in the park. It's a wonderful place to spend a warm summer evening.  

Although I wish I'd taken more photos of the park itself, I must admit that I was most captured by the gorgeous sunset over the harbor that night.  Here are a few pictures I took while I was there....     (To enlarge a photo, please just click on it.)

Skiffs and Rowboats Tied Along Northport Dock

That's Lobster Traps Piled Up Along The Dock

Perfect Sight For An All American Summer's Evening

One Of The Many Gorgeous Old Ginger Bread Homes Surrounding The Park As The Sun Begins To Reflect Off It

The Sunset Begins...

 Pink Waters Beneath The Northport Pier

Beautiful Skies

And Day Is Done.....

And, now it was time to head to one of the local ice cream hot spots for a delicious chocolate cone and a stroll along Main Street :)  Thanks for looking in...


This week we spent an afternoon at the Nissequogue River State Park located in Kings Park, Long Island, NY.  It was a glorious summer day, clear and warm, with sparkling sunlight.  At this park is a small marina with wooded paths that lead down to the mouth of the Nissequogue River where it meets Long Island Sound.  Here are a few pictures I took of the area...  (To enlarge any of them just click on the photo.)

Little Creek

Walking Path

Nissequogue River Marina

Marina Garden

Nissequogue River as you follow along side it on the wooded path

Near The Mouth Of The River

A Panorama Of The Mouth Of The Nissequogue River

My Hubby Enjoying The Area

I hope you enjoyed your visit to this little jewel hidden away in Kings Park, Long Island.  And, thanks for looking in.